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Chlorine Handling Accessories

Chlorine Gas Cylinders

Chlorine Gas Cylinders
  • CAS Number: 7782-50-5
  • Purity: 99.99%
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Body Material: Mild Steel
  • Cylinder Capacity: 12kg/ 50kg/ 100kg/ 900 kg
  • Color: Yellow-green
  • Type Of Chemicals: Disinfectants & Biocides
  • Usage/Application: Disinfection
  • Cylinders fabricated as per: IS7681
  • Bigger containers fabricated in conformance to British standards: (BS1500)
  • deals in: new
  • packaging: box

New brand chlorine cylinders capacity 12kg/ 50kg/ 100kg/ 900 kg.
Cylinders are fabricated as per is:7681. Bigger containers are commonly known as “tonners”. Indian tonners are generally fabricated conforming to the british standards (BS:1500).

Cylinder Keys

Cylinder Keys
  • Usage/Application: Industrial
  • Material: Brass, steel
  • Color: Silver
  • I Deal In: New Only
  • Standards: IS3224 standards
  • Packaging: Cardboard box

Cylinder Keys, Copper Tubes, Clamps, Connectors, Valves

Both, Chlorine cylinders as well as Tonners valves are available conforming to IS:3224

Trunion Roller Supports for Tonner

Trunion Roller Supports for Tonner
  • Trunion Roller Supports for Tonner
  • Trunion Roller Supports for Tonner
  • Material: MS
  • Color: black, white
  • Packaging Type: cardboard box
  • Weight: 15 kg per pair
  • Deals in: new
  • MOC: Frame Mild steel and wheels HDPE
  • Finishing: polished

To facilitate the ton container so that the valves gas side and liquid side lie one over vertical, revolve the tonner using a crane and prevent chlorine container from corrosion.

Safety Showers

Safety Showers
  • Color: yellow
  • Product: Safety Shower
  • Piping Material: Mild steel pipe
  • Coating: Epoxy
  • Body Shower: Stainless steel304 /PVC
  • Deals in: new

First aid safety equipment , to minimize injury in the event of accident. Indoor and outdoor installation.

Mask with Cannister

Mask with Cannister
  • Color: Black
  • support: Masks coming with proprietary filter support
  • Suitable: biological and chemical Protection
  • usage for: nose and mouth protection
  • Sizes: Customization
  • Deals in: new

Avail Gas Mask with Canister from us that are used for nose and mouth protection. These canisters are used to protect the wearer from inhaling airborne pollutants and toxic gases that are extremely common in industries and manufacturing units. Available in various sizes and types, we offer these masks as per client's specific requirement.

Self Breathing Apparatus

Self Breathing Apparatus
  • Type: Self Contained
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Color: blue
  • Number Of Cylinders: 1
  • Size: Standard
  • Pack type: Box
  • Usage: Industrial, Commercial

This apparatus is equipped with a cylinder containing compressed oxygen or air which can be strapped on to the body of a user or with a canister which produces oxygen chemically when the reaction is triggered. This type of equipment is suitable for high concentration of chlorine in an oxygen deficient atmosphere.
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